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Yggdrasil Halldora

This utterly beautiful little filly, stable name Dora, is full sibling to Yggdrasil Freyja who has been adored by soo many. She has bags of potential, so straight and correct, bold and friendly as are all of Thore’s offspring, but she really is one of Thore’s best.

Her sire, Thore, our resident stallion is 100% Original Pure Bred Knabstrupper of fantastic classic baroque style with very sought after bloodlines. He is Premium graded by both ZfdP and KNN and was 30day Performance Tested in Germany. Thore stands at 15hh and this cross with pony mare Grace really does make a really good larger pony.

Grace, Dora’s Dam moves heavenly and has produced some fantastic quality, beautifully marked champion stallion offspring. Freyja was her first filly and we couldn’t have asked for more. Grace attended the UK KNN Grading in 2014 and was assessed as a Knabstrupper Pony and the SPSS Grading and was awarded a Premium and approval at both with some lovely comments from the judges.

2019: Dora attended the UK KNN Grading and received some fantastic comments from the judges, wowing everyone. She behaved impeccably and was awarded a1st Premium, really really pleased with her marks.

2020: We presented Dora to the British Breeding Futurity for evaluation and once again the comments were fantastic and she scored a Silver which we were so pleased with.


Yggdrasil Halldora's Ancestry

Yggdrasil Halldora
Thore Vom Pferdehof
Talisman Aus Der Schutzenden Hand
Thor Af Rottarp
Thunder Cloud
Anette Af Rottarp
Rasmus Af Damgaard
Thunder Girl
Thunder King Af Mountain
Thunder Cloud
Fundernorhedes Flicka
Nicki Af Skovby
Salome Af Hestedale
Stjerneprinsen Af Vejrup
Luna Skaerdal
Ibrahim Skaerdal
Sussie Skaerdal
Donna Af Stenvad
Niro Af Thorsager
Molro Af Thorsager
Lola Af Thorsager
Britains Amazing Grace
Weatheroak Manor Rex
Broomells Desert Songbird
Haw Swallows Return
Haw Just Revenge
Haw Desire
Broomells Desert Song
Twyffwyl Calypso
Broomells Desert Star
Doddesford Camilla
All Spots
Newdawn Athena
Coed Coch Trydar
Cromlix Anna
Reylem Chantilly Lace
Bourneside Eastman
Rotherwood State Occasion
Keston Royal Occasion
Rotherwood Honeysuckle
Bourneside Liberty Belle
Rotherwood Goldcrest
Vinesend Lucetta
Gefail Castan
Galchog Amlyn
Coed Coch Bari
Collen Dyma Hi
Revel Candytuft
Revel Chelsea Fan
Revel Choosy

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