Yggdrasil Toriana KNN

Talisman Aus Der Schutzenden Hand
Salome Af Hestedale
Faraon XLIX
Eleganta II
Thor Af Rottarp
Thunder Girl
Stjerneprinsen Af Vejrup
Donna Af Stenvad
Flamenco XVIII
Naveganta VII
Animosa XIX
Thunder Cloud
Annett Af Rottarp
Thunder King of Mountain
Luna Skaerdal
Niro Af Thorsager
Yolista III
Flamenco XII
Carabinera VI
Legitima II
Torremoto II
Bucanera II



Foaled 18th May 02:15
Black based filly (will colour out)
Thore vom Pferdehof x Destinada
Knabstrupper x PRE

Tori is such a beautiful and feminin filly, but also built so strong and powerful.
She has an exquisite head and is very leggy and athletic.
She is of course, typical of all Thore's foals being super bold and friendly.

Her sire, Thore, our resident stallion is of superb classic baroque bloodlines and has produced us impecable foals time and time again and this cross is one of my favourites with the Andalusian and classic Knabstrupper complimenting each other so well. 

His dam, Destinada, has been the perfect broodmare, she produces fantastic offspring each and every time and is the most wonderful nature herself and continues to pass that on to all of her foals. She is a Graded pure bred Spanish Andalusian registered PRE mare lifetime approved broodmare , imported from Spain by Negro Gato Stud and we purchased her from them in 2017. Since then she has been accepted into the KNN studbook as an aproved outcross broodmare.