Yggdrasil Fay KNN

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Britains Passion Flower
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Fillygreen River Phoenix
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Newdawn Athena
Rotherwood State Occasion
Bourneside Liberty Belle
Galchog Amlyn
Revel Candytuft

Foaled 24th April 2017


Foaled 24th April 2017 00:50

Black based few spot

To make 12.2hh


Sire: Trinityhouse Perfect Storm BSpPS
Dam: Britains Amazing Grace KNN 2731 / BSpPS

We have named this lovely little filly Fay, meaning 'Little Fairy'.

Another beautiful strong filly from Grace, I'm looking forward to seeing her unfold. She is black based few spot.

Fay is by our young stallion, Brian. He is growing into a stunning young man and we have high hopes for his future. He was reserve champion youngstock WPB as a yearling and has received Premium results at an evaluation with the SPSS. He has stunning movement and a lovely kind nature.

Her dam Grace has bred 3 stunning foals previously, 2 champion pony stallions and our 2yr old Freyja who has wowed judges from both SPSS and KNN. Grace herself has been 1st Premium Graded and lifetime approved for breeding by both studbooks.