Yggdrasil Astrid KNN Main Register

Talisman Aus Der Schutzenden Hand
Salome Af Hestedale
Conetti Lynghoj
Doller Pincessen
Thor Af Rottarp
Thunder Girl
Stjerneprinsen Af Vejrup
Donna Af Stenvad
Sus Af Aagaard
Sanne Nyholt
Thunder Cloud
Annett Af Rottarp
Thunder King of Mountain
Luna Skaerdal
Niro Af Thorsager
Plet Af Norholm
Gruson Grundberg

Foaled 19.06.17   03:10
 to be produced here at Yggdrasil Stud.


Foaled 19th June 2017 3:10am

Black Near Leopard filly

To make 15.3hh

 KNN Main Studbook

Sire: Thore Vom Pferdehof KNN 175
Dam: Lambada Lynghoj KNN 2132

We have waited for a long time for this stunning filly with poor Lambada having lost 3 foals in a row with no explination. This year we have finally had our perfect foal, we could not have hoped for more from her. We will be retaining Astrid here for a ridden carreer before breeding. 

 A beautiful feminine, strong and leggy filly. She is a black based near leopard.

Angel's sire:  Thore, our resident stallion is 100% Origanal Pure Bred Knabstrupper of fantastic classic baroque style with very sought after bloodlines. He is Premium graded by both ZfdP and KNN and was 30day Performance Tested in Germany. Thore stands at 15hh and passes on a great stamp of good bone and powerful confirmation. 

Thore Vom Pferdehof Picture 5 Thore Vom Pferdehof Picture 7

Her Dam: Lambada Lynghoj, by a very well known Knabstrupper Dressage Champion Connetti Lynghoj KNN 118 who is by the Olympic producing OLD stallion Aleksander. Lambada herself is an extremely well Graded mare producing numerous Premium Graded horses. 

Lambada Lynghoj Picture 7 Lambada Lynghoj Picture 6