Trinityhouse Perfect Storm WPB

Trinityhouse Seahawk
Britains Passion Flower
Weatheroak Manor King Solomon
Weatheroak Georgina
Fillygreen River Phoenix
Broomells White Magnolia
Broomells Desert Songbird
Rowlandsford Red Ruby
Weatheroak Manor Swallow
Weatheroak Sarah
Rosedale Cherokee
Reylem Chantilly Lace
Broomells Malia
Broomells May Mimosa
Haw Swallows Return
Broomells Desert Song
Brelades Ocean Starlight
Lowland Gemini
Broomells Desert Songbird
Rowlandsford Hope
Sparside Buttons
Crossways Desert Rose
Pennwood El-Dorado
Pennwood Indiana
Bourneside Eastman
Gefail Castan
Haw Merlin Brich
Broomells Lindy Lou
Haw Merlin Brich

SOLD - Brian has been sold to breeders in Holland. 


Welsh Part Bred / KNN / SPBS (GB)

to make 12.2hh

Black Homozygous Fewspot


Foaled 16-08-13 

Sire: Trinityhouse Seahawk WPB

Dam: Britains Passion Flower SPBS(GB) / KNN

Brian is now licensed with BSpPS.

Brian has stunning looks and scopey athletic paces, coupled with a super temperament. He is has now been broken to drive and has proven very willing with great trainability.

In 2017 Brian was presented to the KNN judges at the UK Grading where he received some fantastic comments and behaved impeccably. He passed with a 1st Premium score, being awarded 9's for his legs. We are extremely proud of him and his attitude to work in getting ready for his Grading. We are looking forward to presenting him to the SPSS judges and again to the KNN for his performance test. 

As a young colt Brian was awarded Reserve Champion Part Bred Welsh in the Spring Youngstock show at only 8 months old and is always in the ribbons when showing. He was evaluated by the SPSS at their Grading last year where he was awarded a Premium score with some lovely comments from the judges.

His dam is premium graded with the KNN and was Best Mare at the 2012 UK Grading. She is Lifetime Approved for breeding Knabstrupper Ponies. Brian has a mix of superb bloodlines including a number of Broomells and Weatheroak ponies.


Trinityhouse Seahawk

Weatheroak Manor 
King Solomon

Broomells Malia Britains Passion Flower


Foals bred by us at Yggdrasil Stud:

Yggdrasil Fay 2017 filly out of Britains Amazing Grace, KNN Pony by Weatheroak Manor Rex.

Yggdrasil Fay Picture 4 Yggdrasil Fay Picture 5

Foals bred to outside mares:

Trinityhouse Jaegerbomb, 2017 colt out of a Welsh section B mare. 

Image may contain: horse, sky, outdoor and nature Image may contain: horse, sky, outdoor and nature