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Trinityhouse Seahawk
Britains Joyous Occasion
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Broomells Desert Songbird
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Polaris Elsie

Foaled 14.04.2013 
Playing at being a childs pony whilst on loan. 


Welsh Part Bred

to make 12.2hh

Bay Extended Blanket 

Foaled 14-04-13 

Sire: Trinityhouse Seahawk WPB

Dam: Britains Joyous Occasion WPC

Owned by Jill Karadzic

Mollie has that wow factor that just screams look at me! As usual with Trinityhouse bred ponies she has scopey athletic paces coupled with a superb temperament.


She was awarded Champion Part Bred Welsh in the Spring Youngstock Show as a yearling this year, after qualifying by winning the Part Bred Coloured Yearling class.

We hope to breed from Mollie in the future, but for now she will just be showing off.