Thore Vom Pferdehof KNN 175

Talisman Aus Der Schutzenden Hand
Salome Af Hestedale
Thor Af Rottarp
Thunder Girl
Stjerneprinsen Af Vejrup
Donna Af Stenvad
Thunder Cloud
Annett Af Rottarp
Thunder King of Mountain
Luna Skaerdal
Niro Af Thorsager
Rasmus Af Damgaard
Thunder Cloud
Fundernorhedes Flicka
Nicki Af Skovby
Ibrahim Skaerdal
Sussie Skaerdal
Molro Af Thorsager
Lola Af Thorsager

Stud Fee 2017 £400

Stud Terms.

Stud fees are payable on booking.
Mare keep fees are payable weekly and prior to the mare leaving the stud.

Walk in mares welcome
All mares must hold a valid negative CEM and EVA certificate.

Mares are kept at Yggdrasil Stud at owners risk. Please ensure insurance is updated correctly and valid.

Keep fees for a mare are:
Mares £6 per day
Mares with foals at foot £6.50 per day

All veterinary fees will be charged directly to the mare owner. You will be consulted prior to this unless it is an emergency.


100% Purebred (16/16)

Black Based, White born Few Spot

(Ee, aa, LP/LP PATN1/PATN1)

Foaled 2002

151cm / 15hh

KNN Premium Graded
ZfdP Premium Graded
30 day performance tested in Germany

He is one of the very few 100% purebred (16/16) few spot Knabstruppers and the only one in the UK that combines being Premium Graded with both KNN and ZfdP, 30 day performance tested in Germany and homozygous for LP patterning. Not only is he homozygous for LP, but also PATN1 so he guarantees to loudly mark every foal. All solid mares will have leopard or near leopard foals.

Thore has such a kind temperament both on the ground and in ridden work. He always aims to please, he has proved very intelligent and willing in his training. We are starting out competing for our BRC teams in Dressage with some very pleasing results bringing home 5th on our first outing and two 1st's since. He has three outstanding, uphill and huge paces.

He is highly trainable, intelligent and suitable for use on all types of mares bringing his kind, calm nature and his sporty, athletic movement each and every time. He covers mares ranging from 12.2hh to 17hh. He guarantees loudly spotted patterning every time. We have had 2 wonderful foals from him in 2015, very correct, well put together, athletic with fantastic temperament. We have 2 more due in 2017.

Thore is by Talisman aus der Schutzenden Hand, bred by the largest Knabstrupper stud in the world, renowned for breeding classic foundation types. He is line bred to  Thundercloud on his sire side. His Dam, a Premium Graded mare, Salome af Hestedale is by the famous Stjerneprinsen Af Vejrup, bringing exciting history to his pedigree. 

Talisman aus der Schutzenden Stjerneprinsen Af Vejrup Thundercloud  Salome af Hestedale

We are soo very pleased with our first 2 foals from Thore. We took both to the KNN Grading to be evaluated and both received 8 - 1st Premium with Freyja being the highest scoring filly foal and Eirik winning Best Foal in Show. They were both taken to be evaluated again as yearlings and again both received Premium and more lovely comments from the judges.


Foals bred by us at Yggdrasil Stud:

Top Left 2: Yggdrasil Freyja 2015 filly out of Britains Amazing Grace, KNN Pony by Weatheroak Manor Rex.
Top Right 2: Yggdrasil Eirik 2015 colt out of Winnie, HAN by Weltmeyer.

Yggdrasil Freyja Picture 9 Yggdrasil Freyja Picture 2 Yggdrasil Eirik  Picture 3 Yggdrasil Eirik  Picture 4

Bottom left 2: Yggdrasil Amazing Angel 2017 filly out of Winnie, HAN by Weltmeyer HAN
Bottom right 2: Yggdrasil Astrid 2017 filly out of Lambada Lynghoj KNN 2132 by Connetti Lynghoj KNN 118

Yggdrasil Amazing Angel Picture 3 Yggdrasil Amazing Angel Picture 6 Yggdrasil Astrid Picture 7 Yggdrasil Astrid Picture 2

Other horses Thore has sired with previous owners and outside mares:

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