Islesfield Primrose SHS 149908

Cotebrook Ben Mcdhui
Islesfield Bridy
Moorfield Charles
Sparkland Emily
Bodernog Baron
Conder Blossom
Gronant Duke
Moorfield Ruth
Walton Supreme
Sparkland Dawn
Skelton Masterpiece
Stuntney Freda
Bellasize Sovereign
Conder May
Stanley House Aristocrat
Cloverfield Bay Jane
Hillmoor Prince Charles
Gronant Model
Dothan Masterpiece
Crossfields Honeysuckle
Gronant Ace Card
Cumeragh House May Queen
Alneland Masterpiece 2nd
Bellasize Elizabeth
Hillmoor Enterprise
Stuntney Greensleeves
Quixhill What's Wanted
Rook Hills Gay Lady 3rd
Greenhaulme Premier King
Conder Bess

Due to foal 25th April 2019


Shire Horse Society


Dark bay

Foaled 2011

Sire: Cotebrook Ben McDhui - SHS
Dam: Islesfield Bridy - SHS (Bodernog Baron - SHS)

Rosie is a ridden Shire mare, she is a stunning mare with a kind and gentle nature. She has proven to be highly trainible and has moves to wow. 

Rosie is a maiden mare and we're excited to see what she might produce for us. She won't be used to breed from often as she is enjoyed too much as a ridden horse.