Dunrose Creme de Frese KNN

Talisman Aus Der Schutzenden Hand
Salome Af Hestedale
Faraon XLIX
Eleganta II
Thor Af Rottarp
Thunder Girl
Stjerneprinsen Af Vejrup
Donna Af Stenvad
Flamenco XVIII
Naveganta VII
Animosa XIX
Thunder Cloud
Annett Af Rottarp
Thunder King of Mountain
Luna Skaerdal
Niro Af Thorsager
Yolista III
Flamenco XII
Carabinera VI
Legitima II
Torremoto II
Bucanera II

Foaled 27th June 2021


AKA - Strawberry
Named by her new owners after they met her.

A stunning, very tall chestnut leopard filly with an elegant head, just how Destinada likes to stamp them. Pretty little power houses! They always come into the world so strong.

A huge congratulations to Destinada's new owners. Des was sold a little while ago, but has stayed here to foal down and to hopefully go home back in foal to the lovely Thore. Why would you not take advantage of that option, this cross is just super, every time.